July 23, 2006

Christie's Peru 06 cont.

Wanted to tell yáll about yesterday. We ate lunch at Norma´s (a lady from one of the churches in Lima), who fixed us a mega meal. I took pictures so yáll can see the spread. Her house was beautiful and the family was gracious. One of the taxi drivers came inside after dropping us off and got saved. It was really cool!

We flew out of Lima into Iquitos, getting an unreal view of the Andes Mountains, snowcapped at times, pueblos at times, then we got to the end of those and saw the rivers that split off the Amazon, and then the Amazon. Very beautiful.

The lady beside me on the plane told me her father was dying and in much pain, and I got to talk to her about God. We got her address because she was open to having someone come over to their house, from the local church. When we arrived at the airport, the people of the church were waiting outside with a huge banner and a bus, eager to get our baggage and get us to the hotel. You´d have thought we were movie stars or something! They didn´t want us to lift a finger!!!!!

We met some of the young people and have spent some time with them today, as well. We went to their church last night and they were packed. It´s very hot here--let me stress VERY hot!-- and they had put individual plastic lawn chairs up front for us, but I wanted to sit with the people of the church. So I sat on a bench and a few of the little kids I´d spoken to came up and sat beside me on both sides. Needless to say, I was hot enough to pass out for a long time through the service. Delores spoke, and the people responded in the altar.

Afterwards, we went to eat. The food was probably very good, but I had a thin soup, so I didn´t have to chew yet. Still no better on the tooth, but looking for improvement after I´ve rested it for about 24 hours today. I´ll keep on the soup and milkshakes until better. The milkshakes part is not a problem, as the flavor in the ice cream is extremely rich here. Everything tastes much richer here. Anyway, today we ate lunch at the same place, and Mark had the alligator. Kelly got a sandwich with chicken meat and peaches. Not blended up, just chunks of chicken and slices of peaches, between the bread.

This morning, we split into two groups, ours going to the Belen church. In mine, Delores, me, Kelly, Mark, Donna, and Dustin. Donna and Kelly did a skit with the puppet my girls sent (we named him ¨Banana¨). Then I led them in Praise Ye the Lord-Aleluya, followed by Aleluya, Tu Me Haces Cantar and I will Give You All My Worship. After the songs, which we taught them, Dustin spoke for a few minutes, assisted by our interpreter Manuel. Our service only lasted about 10 minutes, not close to the hour we were supposed to have, but we tried. Afterward, we tried to hand out some prizes but the children mobbed us (about 70 in the service, I reckon), so we gave the toys to the pastor to handle.

Then we went of the roof of the church, where some members gave us a tour of the new floor they´re building there, for classrooms. It´s a shell now, but when you´re up there, you get a great view of the river. We talked with those who were still there a lot, including mostly young people and kids. They have so many people and such a small church that the kids come for service on Sunday mornings and fill the church, the young people Sunday nights also fill the church, then other nights it´s a service for the adults, I guess, and kids just sit where they can. Last night, a cat came, as well. More cats in this city, but still mostly dogs. Not nearly as much as Mi Peru, but lots, to be sure.

We went to the market afterward, on the Amazon. It was beautiful, took lots of pictures. Tomorrow, we go into the jungle. Can´t wait.

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