July 20, 2007

Christie's Peru 07

Hey, guys! The keyboard is different here so ignore any crazy typos.... We went to the tribes today that wear the grass skirts. We also went to the village that has the young girl who asked for the picture of Camille and Caroline last year, saying she wanted to keep it to remember to pray for them. I gave her a letter from Caroline and she says she will write back and maybe even email if someone from her family comes into town.

Tomorrow, we have a ladies ministry day for all the churches in this district. There are 19 total, but that includes those in the jungle. Last night, i had alligator nuggets and camucamu juice. Heaven!!!!! I've told everyone here how it's impossible to find my favorite drink on earth, camu camu juice, anywhere but Iquitos. The locals find it hard to believe. The food is much better this year, since i don´t have a toothache.

We rode on the boat today, and once i got to use a long blowgun at a tribe. We have played soccer and volleyball and frisbee with the kids, done children´s skits, and preached or given testimonies. It´s been great so far. Yesterday, John Wayne (juan wayne here) and Justin and I raced on motorcycle taxis on an island. Our drivers got tickets for speeding. Oops!

I wish you all could be here. It´s soooooo hot but you´d love it. All the people are so brown and tan and i´m a gringa. ha ha!

I have to go get a shower because I´ve only had an apple for food today, and it´s almost 6 pm. I need to be ready for restaurant at 6:30. Gotta hurry and get clean. Hope to be able to call and speak to you at home soon!

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