October 5, 2007

Ken's First Trip cont.

camp training day was a great success and very fun as well. we had around 50 come for training. they listened and asked questions. a couple of hermanas on the front row fell asleep during cindy and chucky. bless them they rode a bus from trujillo this morning and were picked up at the station at 5am. after breakfast they went to the camp and waited for us to get there at 9:15.

vera got the camp cooks to come and prepare lunch for the camp workers, chaufa. delicious. good anyway, but homemade by peruvians mamasitas--wow! we went over the concepts of camp and got volunteers for staff positions.

i saw a donkey in the area behind the camp about 300 yards away. i went to get my camera and tifiney went with me to look at him . it turns out he was tied up and had gotten tangled around a tree. he couldnt move. i untied him and lead him away from that tree and retied him to the original tree. later we went out to walk the camp property to see how big it was and to see what was out there (it's a desert), and we saw the donkey free running around with a female. i got closer and saw that i didnt accidently let him go but that he was released or broke free from a knot. i had nothing to do with it after all.

CAMP TOMORROW woooowhoooo. i am back at tthe hotel for rest supper and study my sermon to close camp on sunday. that right folks i have been given the task of imparting to these first-time campers words of wisdom to take with them.

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