May 29, 2008

Passports Anyone?

We've gotten the "long form" birth certificates in for Camille and Caroline now, so they are very excited that they'll be receiving a passport soon. It was pretty funny how many trips to CVS it took to get the passport photo satisfactory per USPS standards, but we think we've got some winners now and will soon be government inspected and approved!

Next step is to start getting vaccinations. We'll get yellow fever because it's on again/off again at being required for entry into Paraguay, and it'd be bad to find out the day before the trip that it's NOW required and we don't have it. We'll be getting Hepatitis A, as well, even though it's only a recommendation. Didn't see any harm in that vaccine, especially since Hep A is so easily transmitted.

My mom has already sent off for her passport. She'll be accompanying us on the trip over, since she's never flown internationally before. We'll "show her the ropes" on her first time around. That's a huge plus. Not only will she be able to come back and tell the folks at home what it's like in Paraguay, but she'll make the transition easier for the girls, I think. Sort of like taking it in stages. Then of course, there's the added benefit of getting to pack some of our stuff in her luggage, since she and I wear the same size clothes! ;)

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