July 15, 2008

Travel in Peru

Okay, I mentioned a storm in my last post. Here goes. Travel in Peru is often times a little if-fy, but today took the cake. Before leaving the hotel, we sang "Happy Birthday" to Bethany and had prayer for traveling mercies. We started bright and early (but not early enough) catching taxis from the hotel to the bus station, for our three-hour bus back into Lima. The third and final taxi took a good bit longer to get to the station, which was only a few blocks from the hotel.

By the time the last taxi arrived and we got our tickets bought and our luggage checked, we had missed the bus we needed. So it´s already looking if-fy for making our flight. David and I began making calls and sending texts like crazy, seeing if we could get the plane delayed long enough to make it. After a lot of trying, we got a "No" from the airlines and the news that if we didn't make that flight, we'd have to take the bus instead, as all the remaining flights were already filled. The bus wasn't really an option because Sister Wilda has only been out of the hospital for a few weeks, and the bus is a difficult trip through very high altitudes.

So after a whole lot of nail-biting and praying, we drove into the Lima area and a whole lot of traffic. Lima always has a lot of traffic, but this was way heavier than usual. We inched toward the bus station, unloaded very quickly, and grabbed the first taxi we could find.

Half-an-hour later, we bolted into the airport with luggage in tow, running to the desk to beg for mercy. The attendant checked our bags reluctantly, got a wheelchair for Sister Wilda, and shooed us toward the gate. We RAN (I've always felt bad for those people who have to run through an airport) through security, paid our departure tax, and took off for the gate. Arriving just as they were making the last call, we breathed for the first time since getting on the bus that morning. Phwew.

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