August 24, 2008

Quick Note... Smoaks!

We're going to be visiting the Smoaks Church of God of Prophecy this next weekend, August 31, for their Sunday morning service. Smoaks is a small town located near Walterboro, SC (yes, it's still South Carolina!!), so we'll get the chance to visit with some of my (Christie's) family in the lowcountry while we're there. If you're in the area, come by!

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  1. Hey girl! It's so great to see when you post! I'm going to email ya in a minute, because I forgot to send you our address for you to send us a letter!
    Girl, we are being so "moved"! It's amazing what the last 2 weeks have been like in our life. I'll write more later & on my blog. I guess we won't be making it to Walterboro but we'll be praying for you all!


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