September 29, 2008

Piedmont Church Visit

We visited the Piedmont COGOP last night and shared the vision with them. My parents both got to be there (first time for them to see our "presentation"). We saw several kids/youth that were in camp while we were directing. It's always good to find camp kids in church AFTER camp, you know? And the pastor, Bro. Manley, is always such a pleasure to be around. Camille and Caroline were proud to have their grandparents there, and excited to see Corey, the Piedmont Children's Minister.

My dad was in town for a visit this weekend, so that ... he and Ken could put in a little time with the bows in the tree-stands. Ken hunted with his buddy Ray on Saturday. No deer in the freezer, but the men enjoyed the hunts, I guess. And I loaded my dad's truck down with stuff he's taking back to store for us, or to give to folks down there. Phwew! A little more junk out of the house. We're gettin' there!

We saw the Fireproof movie last night. It was good. *SPOILER ALERT--I kept thinking the husband was going to have to save his wife from a flaming inferno, so I was nervous every time the firehouse alarm went off. It was a good film, though, and having some professional actors really helped this flick out. Facing the Giants, which was made by this same church in Atlanta, was also a good movie, but I was distracted by the amateur actors (I'm not a hater, just a movie buff--tough to please, I know. Don't throw rotten fruit at me!)

All in all, a good weekend!

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  1. Cool! We want to go see that too! I'm glad Ken had some huntin' time. My guys are hoping to do alittle of that too.
    Thanks for the prayers, as always! It's amazing how we're seeing God work in our life everyday! Even if it's an "idea" I had & Eddie has the same inclination like the next day without me even mentioning it! We know it's the Lord talking! Hope to see you soon!


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