October 13, 2008

A New Name

We have learned that Spanish-speaking folks have a little trouble with the names Christie and Ken. I've always liked my hubby's name because it means handsome, and well, that's just so true. ;) But "Ken" sounds a lot like the word "quien," which means "who?" in Spanish. Imagine a few rounds of a conversation that's reminiscent of the "Who's on first?" joke:

Juan-Carlos: "What's your name?"
Ken: "Who."
Juan-Carlos: "YOU! What's YOUR name?"
Ken, becoming amused: "WHO!"

So we're getting kicks out of coming up with variations of his middle name Ray as one option. Our Colombian friends, the Cediels, laughed out loud when we said we were thinking about Ramundo. His high school Spanish teacher called him Kenito, which reminded the girls that some of his family members still refer to him as "Little Kenny" (I'm not EVEN joking...)

Despite that I've always liked the name Isabella, I'm sticking with one closer to reality on my end. I've been "Christie" for my entire life, although my legal name (and the one my mom called when I was in trouble) is Crystal. It seems Crystal is much easier to say. Nevermind that it is name of the national beer of Peru--I'll be living in Paraguay, after all!

And I am reminded of the scripture in Isaiah 62:2, which says, "The nations will see your righteousness, and all kings your glory; you will be called by a new name that the mouth of the Lord will bestow." Most Bible scholars agree that the "new name" refers to believers being called "Christians," a term previously unheard of. My nickname technically means just that. It is a variation of the word Christian, meaning literally, "like Christ," and also "anointed of Christ". It's hard to beat that, right?

Crystal means clear and easily understood. I think since my immediate family will still be calling me Christie, I could stand to be referred to as a blend of those two names: the person anointed by Christ who is easily understood. I sure want those I'll be ministering to, to have a crystal-clear understanding of the Message I'll be sharing.

Now if we could figure out what to call my handsome husband. Suggestions?


  1. Kenneth also means Man of God .So now you have find a name that means handsom man of god.You know I'm all about what a name means.Love you both Mom.

  2. God’s word brought to you by Crystal and Miller; America ’s favorite breweries…North and South.

    How funny!

  3. Ramundo and Isabella sound like they're super hot! Might want to find some different names so you're actually taken serious!


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