November 24, 2008

Cooking a la Paraguay

It never got any cooler than 95 degrees in our house, but I couldn't put the cooking off any longer last night. We got our 2 liters of milk (straight from the cow)and needed to boil it so it could be refrigerated overnight in time for the next morning's cereal. It's quite fun to watch it boil, form the "skin" on top, and then start foaming up very quickly. Then it's a race to pull it off the burner before it bubbles over the top of the pot. Sure does take FOREVER to cool, down, though, even after skimming the foamy cream stuff off the top.

I figured I'd go ahead and cook a few chickens while the kitchen was heated up, so to speak. I opened the bag I got from the grocery to pull out the chicken and was quite surprised. I had asked the guy at the meat counter for chicken breasts, and he asked how many, to which I responded, "Oh, about three." I'm used to buying the styrofoam tray with a couple boneless, skinless breasts wrapped in clear plastic. So I imagined about that much in the bag. HOWEVER, when I pulled out the first of the three, I saw that it was a complete chicken breast, bones and all. It looked like all they did was remove the head and the wings. I already felt like I'd gotten a bargain to get three breasts for the price, but to get three almost whole chickens (I don't like dark meat anyway), I was thrilled. :) I think I like these grocery stores!!


  1. Oh cool!! You ought to try to make some cheese or butter with the cream! I wanna learn to make my own too. I'd love to try goat's milk & make soaps. Hope everything is great!! Thinkin' of you all! Can't wait to hear more!! =) (No pressure though! LOL)

  2. hahha wow an entire chicken thing. i got a graphic mental pic

  3. Personally, I think the secret to cooking in this heat is to use the crockpot. I brought mine from the US and use it almost every day.


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