December 21, 2008

More Construction

We spent Saturday morning working on the headers on top of one of the girls' dorms. Thankfully, the work started at 6 AM (Okay, I got there at 7) and was done by 1 PM. In the first picture below, you can see the wood form built on top of the bricks. These were put up last week, and then Saturday we made and hauled and poured concrete into the forms.

In the next picture you can see the different components of the mix (mezcla)--rocks (ita), water (y), and sand (yvy), and then the two buckets beside the bags, of the powdery stuff (pola). My job was to keep the pola in the buckets, so that when the guy needed to add it to the round cement mixer, it was always ready.
When I had both filled, I tried to also help with taking buckets of the mezcla to the guys on the scaffolds, or to scrub the dripping mix off the bricks before it hardened. Camille washed the bricks the whole time, and Ken did a little of everything. We decided to leave Caroline in the house since she doesn't take the heat or sun very well, so she missed the fun. Progress!


  1. Hooray for progress!!! It'll be done before you know it!! Wish we were there to help...=)

  2. Good for you! I am amazed that you are out working in this heat!

  3. OK! Having done that myself, I know what hard work it is. And in this heat! You go girl!


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