December 1, 2008

A Note from the Birthday Girl

Caroline wanted her own post, so here's the world according to a new 10-year-old...
Ok, so we’re here and I love playing with the kids. They are so much fun! Today we will clean the house where we are staying(UGH!). My favorite part is the kids and the MALLS!!!!! When Mom and Dad need to turn our American money into Paraguay’s money, we have to do it in an office in the mall, so we get to walk through the air conditioning! Everything is different but fun. We’re getting used to the time difference, it’s 2 hours ahead here. So we wake up your time, at least 4-5. When the sun comes up, it's hard to stay in bed, but I pull the sheet over my head and try. Don’t have much to say so I guess I’ll go.


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday! How was the cake & new icing??

  2. Sounds like you just want to play with the kids.... Thats not surprising . Love you even if you don't like to do chores. Meemaw & Papaw


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