December 6, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We went with the Millers to a neat grocery store, reputed to have imported American groceries. I was all excited, envisioning pop-tarts and Duncan Hines frosting and all sorts of sweet things. If you look closely, you can see my family picking through the row of candy bars, under the American flag (hadn't seen one of those in a while!) As it turns out,...

...they also had a row of refrigerated imports. My thrifty side kept me from purchasing the Reese's peanut butter cups at a couple dollars each (and you KNOW how hard that was for me!!) I got all excited, though, to find shredded cheese packs (you know, the Kraft variety, in pouches for about $2 each), blocks of cheddar, and--wonder of all wonders--BREAK AND BAKE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!! These are a staple for my diet. A regular part of any get-together at the Hagerman home or at our youth room at church ALWAYS includes chocolate chip cookies. My mom used to make them by scratch, but it was a revolutionary day when I found them for $2 in the refrigerated aisle at Bi-Lo. So there was much rejoicing, and before I even got there, the kids were jumping up and down in anticipation of how excited I'd be. Alas, look at the picture below. Can you make out the price? 44,581 guaranis. At an exchange rate that day of 4870 with the American dollar, that put those babies at a little over $9.15. NINE DOLLARS AND FIFTEEN CENTS!!!! I almost choked! (By the way, same price on the cheeses.)

I've done well with the heat. I've not minded the dirt and dust. I've adjusted to learning two languages. I have accepted the bugs and spiders and parasites. I am joyful when I boil milk and water. I've gotten used to being stared at. But when I realized that the cookies weren't going to go in my shopping cart, it was then that it hit me that a missionary lifestyle involves sacrifice. Lord, help me.


  1. Its hardest when something is available and you just can't have it!

    Usually Real gets better imports, and they are not usually quite so expensive. Maybe if no one buys them, they will come down in price.

  2. Bless your heart! Well I hope you atleast indulged in a candy bar or two! I think you should get "Mama Mason's" recipe for her homemade choc. chip cookies & SHARE by posting!!! Pleeeease!!!
    Did y'all have a cold snap or just a change in temp when Chico died?
    Can't wait to hear from ya again! Has camp started yet???


  4. That pricing sounds about right...hahaha. Don't worry though- I love to make cookies from scratch and even though the margarine is different, the cookies turn out ok. I started to make chocolate cookies with cocoa rather than chocolate chips as cocoa was less expensive than the chocolate chips and every attempt I had at someone bringing the chocolate chips to Guatemala ended in one giant melted bar of chocolate. There are ways to make the cookies, but it won't be exactly the same. Eventually your taste buds will change anyways. At first, I could not stand the Guatemalan margarine and now the taste of American margarine is so weird. When I arrive we can have baking experiment days. One way or the other, there will be cookies and chocolate! :) Sounds like you guys are really getting to know the Paraguayan world. God bless you all. Happy Holidays!

  5. OMG! I was just thinking about the signature hagerman break and bake chocolate chip cookies! :) Wow i miss 'em. I can't BELIEVE they're so expensive!!!! Me and allisha will have to bring some toll house or something this summer :D

  6. well if i ever get to visit i know what to bring... otherwise sounds like you are adjusting alright. good to hear. it still has to be very exciting. do you have a mailing address? has ken killed anything with a blowgun yet? that would be a pretty cool video.anyway its good to be able to stay in touch.. later. ray

  7. Oh my I'm having flashbacks from our stay in Norway! It's so hard to get your tastebuds satisfied at first, definitely can become a frustration...all a part of culture shock! :) even more frustrating when the ingredients don't taste the same, fried squash & macncheese in Norway....not the same! However, Norway has some of the best chocolate in the world, otherwise Scott would not have survived! Ha!


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