January 10, 2009

Movie Night at the Hagermans'!

This past Saturday, we had about 10 youth from the neighborhood over for MOVIE NIGHT! Ken has been playing soccer with them each evening, gaining a little more trust from these guys. I occasionally take out something cold to drink or some fresh fruit, so they’re generally thinking I’m an okay gal, too. They had been a little standoffish, but I guess they just needed some time to figure out we were American terrorists or something.

We all watched Narnia (The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe) in Spanish, complete with popcorn and kool-aid. Movie night with a living room full of young people is something we’d been missing, so it was as much fun for us as it was for them. Afterward, Ken and Kyle walked a couple of the younger guys home, since it was pretty late and very dark. The next day, they were much more talkative and playful with us, all joining us in the front yard for friendly neighborhood soccer, of course! Please pray that these youth will sense the love of God and hunger for Him. (Don't click below... short post this time!)


  1. and we know what happens now,Hangout time begins with the neverending stream of young people,WE HOPE. Have funnnn love and prayers

  2. sounds like fun and a great outreach!!


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