February 18, 2009

No Excuses

WE HAVE OUR MONTERO BACK!! And just in time. It's gotten very hot again, and I was missing the a/c and the space of our handy SUV. It seems the water pump had gone bad, and some things needed tightening/replacing in other areas. Thankfully, there was a warranty of sorts on our purchase, so this work was all done without any cost to us, except the gas back and forth to Asuncion. YAY!

This Saturday we will work with several other churches and mission groups at a community rally, entitled "No Excuses." It's an outreach event, geared to attract non-Christian youth with concerts and games. Later in the evening, the Gospel will be presented, and local youth and leaders will be standing by to pray with those who make a decision to come forth. Then we'll get information from them and follow up over the next few days after the event. Our youth here will be presenting a choreographed song with a powerful message about living for the world and what it offers vs. what it really pays. You can see a version of it by clicking here (DISCLAIMER: This is a video from another church, and not our kids. Keep in mind that anyone is allowed to post comments, therefore use caution in reading below the video...) Please pray for a spiritual harvest to come in Saturday. I'll let you know how it all turns out. (Short post, don't click below...)

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  1. Glad you got your car back!

    The hotel I mentioned on my blog is called Pueblo and its in San Bernardino, on the right hand side just as you are coming into town.

    Its nice, but a little pricey. We were there for a conference. . .


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