February 25, 2009

Porch Friends

We've found some fun things on our front porch the last few days. Ken ran across a giant spider web, which looked like it was made of thick yellow yarn.

Then Camille heard some rustling in the shrub beside our porch. When she moved the limbs back a bit, she found two brand new birds sitting in a tiny nest.

On the back porch is our hammock, which I sit in every chance I get. My friend, the lizard, often walks around on the ground underneath me, unless I make a noise that alerts him I'm there.

Today when I got up from the hammock, I found that the kitten from next door was sitting in my shoes. (No picture, as I really don't like cats. We tolerate this one and her mommy because they're good for keeping bugs/rats/snakes away, but I don't ever let them cuddle me or climb inside my shoes!!) PS--Don't click below. Short one today.

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  1. Awwwe! How can you not like kittens? :) I guess to each his own.
    The girls are learning hands on about some animals they would never have seen this close, in another world, hm?


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