March 26, 2009

Funeral and Rain (but not together, thankfully)

Today I went to my first Paraguayan funeral. Please pray for one of the children next door, who lost her father yesterday to an alcohol-related death. Alcoholism is a common problem here, unfortunately. Thank God that this child had already found a safe place to live, here at the Children's Home, where she will have a great chance at a better life.

On another note, we're getting some much needed rain this evening, providing for a wonderful drop in temperature. It's been "threatening" to rain for days now. Because the land is fairly flat and there are so many fields, you can see for miles and miles (or kilometers, as it is). Many times we see the storm in the next town, waiting for it to get to us, but it passes to the other side. I took this picture today of a downpour that did just that--passed us by. As I type, we are enjoying sprinkles and breezes from a neighboring cloud, it seems. Thank God for the much needed rain to this country full of drought and dry crops.

(No need to click today...)


  1. We have enjoyed an afternoon of rain as well.
    So sorry about the death.

  2. Yes thank God for the rain!! We finally received some relief as well at our ranch!
    I´m sorry that little girl has to go through such a loss at so young an age!

  3. in the picture, is it just me or is there a cross on the side of the road....

  4. Yep, that's one of the few electricity poles that isn't just a coconut tree!


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