March 30, 2009

God is Moving!

This past weekend, 8 young people were baptized from our local church. The picture below shows one young man, Samuel, with Dan on his right and Osvaldo (the house uncle at the Children's Home) on his left. Samuel and his sister, Rocio, were both baptized, and we blessed to have some of their extended family come for the event. How wonderful to hear their testimonies and see what God has been doing in their lives.
The past two Sundays, Dan has been preaching on God's love--how immense and definite it is for each of us. The realization of it certainly touched all who have been there. Last weekend, a man came forward to receive Christ. Yesterday, another man stepped up to ask for prayer. Many from the community stayed to watch these young people baptized. It's great to see God moving here in Arazaty (Ahr-RAH-sah-tu).

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