March 7, 2009

Meet Liz

Liz (pronounced Leece) is one of the precious little buggers living next door to us in the Children's Home. I've spoken about them on this blog a trillion times, but if you're new here, we live beside a home for abandoned children, which houses 18 boys and girls, plus the house parents (Tio and Tia), and their 4-year-old son, Kevin. So there's never a shortage of fun right outside our front door. These children are sooo special, each with his or her own needs and personalities and mannerisms, of course.

Liz is the youngest, who came here with her slightly older sister, Laura. The two of them are as different as night and day. Liz often wants to sit in my lap and wallow around all over me, singing the cutest little songs about hanging out in the sun, a milk cow that produced Coca-Cola, and wanting to marry a Senorita after eating rice and milk. But my all-time favorite song is called Kirito, and I've recorded it here, if you click below. I posted the lyrics in Guarani (which is how she's singing it), and then in English, in case you'd like to learn it. Don't ask me why she's throwing gang symbols throughout her version of this little song. She's very animated and often over-pronounces her words for effect, as you'll see.

(Sidenote: Just this week I taught her to say, "I am Liz and I am four," in English, and she's been saying it to EVERYONE! Unfortunately, I didn't record that, but it's just the cutest thing.)

Kirito, che rekove omapotî, ikatuma heraitépe ame'ê che maitei. (There's more, but this is all Liz sings, over and over)

"Christ has transformed my life and now I can greet you in the peace of the Lord." (or "in His name")


  1. What a little sweetie! I hope you'll let us see her talk in English! :) Have a nice week!

  2. Kirito must be 'Cristo'. The Ye'kwanas called him, 'Quirito'.


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