April 7, 2009

Haircuts, Anyone?

I was sitting beside a few of the neighborhood kids a couple days ago when I noticed their hair was getting a bit long over the ears. I asked kinda jokingly if they wanted me to cut their hair. To my surprise, they gave me emphatic head-nods of "Yes." A line quickly formed, and over the next two evenings, I managed to buzz-cut (or some variation thereof) 8 of the children and young men! I thought they were just standing around to watch, but everytime someone got up from the chair, another one hopped in!

After the first night, I was in town and had an older woman run up to me, giving me a couple kisses to the cheeks. "I'm the grandmother of the two boys who are always at your house. You cut their hair last night, and their older brother was too scared to get his done. Tonight, I told him he has to get his cut just as short, too." This older brother was about 16 and didn't really want the buzz cut I'd given his little brothers, but grandma said so, and he sure wasn't going to disobey her.

I gave them all fair warning that I'm no professional (how professional do you have to be to run a set of clippers, anyway?) and that it was hard to see clearly from the porch light at night, but no one seemed to mind. I explained that when we women go to the hair salon, we chat a lot. So then I started asking each of them silly questions to give the "hair salon" feel. They responded with laughs and a few silly answers of their own. It was a good time of goofy fun, laughing about my mishaps and the onlookers encouraging the chair guy to "shave it all off" or "get a mohawk" each time. I egged them on by cutting all the top part first, or cutting only one side and making a sling bang before finishing, or whatever funny thing they thought up for me to do to the poor chair guy. Everyone took it in good humor. This morning, two of them came by the house and spent the morning with us. YAY! The Lord works in mysterious ways. I love this life. (Don't click.)

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  1. I love this life too. Aren't we blessed...even if we have no clue what we're doing as hairstylists!


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