April 22, 2009

Oxcart, Anyone?

Today a couple of my "students" in English class took our family and a couple friends for a long ride in their ox-carts. We got to watch them yoke the oxen (perfect time for the discussion about not being unequally yoked together...) and we climbed up in the tall buggy. It was a bumpy, rough ride, but something I've wanted to do since moving here. I did feel a bit like I was in a parade, since all the houses we passed gave us the "Why are all those foreigners piled into the ox-cart?" Typically you just see one or two people in a cart loaded down with limbs or the tiny coconuts.

In class tonight, we had all the students return (that's a good sign), plus 5 new ones! WOW! At the end of class, one of the most shy young men we've met asked if he could read something (he was one of the guys who took a Bible at our house the other night). To my surprise, he came in front of the class with his new Bible and read my favorite scripture, plus a few more he said seemed to go along with it. Way to become the teacher's pet! I was so proud of him that I thought I'd burst. After class, the new married couple told me they'd stayed up late last night reading the Creation story and continuing some in Genesis. One young lady asked if we could read the Bible a bit at the start of class, so next week, I'll be teaching them a "key verse" in English from what we read in Spanish. Except for the youth from the Children's Home, these students are all unchurched. Thank God for opening this door, and thank you for your prayers!


  1. That is wonderful! It is amazing that the word of God really is alive and powerful. I am so glad Julie made it possible for us to have those boxes of Bibles!

  2. Thank God and loving donors for making the Bibles possible!


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