April 14, 2009

Thank God for Small Miracles!

We experienced a miracle in our family recently. Well, no one's deafened ears were opened or dead body was raised up or anything, but it was a miracle all the same, which we are still thanking God for. We were on our way to a church service in another town, and our SUV was loaded down with youth and both our girls. It was a bit crowded, so I wasn't very surprised when Camille rolled the window down for some air, although it had been storming all day and was a bit cool outside.

She then told me she in a very calm tone that she thought she might have lost her glasses. "What do you mean, LOST? Like you left them home, you dropped them on the floorboard, you can't remember where you last saw them?" She takes the long way around telling me that she stuck her head out the window and they flew off. AAAAA!

We made a fairly immediate U-turn, went back several kilometers (she couldn't remember exactly where this actually happened), and started driving very slowly in the motorcycle/emergency lane. Mind you, a large bus had already been riding in that same emergency lane, but we pulled in behind it and crept along with our eyes peeled. Did I mention it was very dark already?

We hadn't gone a kilometer yet when I saw a sparkle in the distance that could have been glass. The likelihood was that they'd be in the grass, meaning we'd never find them, but we held out hope and sped to the glimmering object. Sure enough, it was her glasses in the middle of the emergency lane. The were sitting there facing us, just like she'd taken them off and gently laid them down. I ran out, grabbed them up, and started fingering where there should have been glass, to see if the lenses were out or just shattered. They were both intact, without a scratch. The only damage was a little scratch in the purple paint on the underside of the lens area, which sits on Camille's cheekbones. You can't even see it when she has them on. Thank you, Lord.

PS--Caroline said right off, "Well, Mom, I WAS back here PRAYING!" and Camille has decided to keep her head inside the moving vehicle at all times.


  1. Don't you just love it when God does things like that? Reminds us so much of how much he loves us :)

  2. WOW...that IS miraculous! Isn't it awesome to know He cares about the smallest details of our lives?

  3. Thank you God! Reminds me of the time we found hubby's wedding ring in a HUGE field of weeds. For God nothing is impossible.


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