May 18, 2009

Fire in the Hole!

My hubby found a metal washpot in town and we built a fire in it this week. A few sticks and coco branches (easy to find) and we had an instant bonfire/kid magnet. The soccer game had a couple unplanned "time-outs" for the players to come warm their hands. I tried to explain smores, but these guys have never seen marshmallows and couldn't figure out what we were talking about. Maybe the import store will get some and we can introduce them to one of life's finer pleasures.


  1. We sometimes have marshmallows here. Can I send them to you sometime? Can you write me your mailing address?
    I would love to do that!

  2. Sound like fun! My dad is also very creative and is constantly finding "new ways" to use old stuff. : ) I'm right with you on the marshmallow thing! Groups normally bring us some from the US. : )

    Smiling for Jesus,
    Sarah Beth
    "The Other Side"

  3. when i tried introducing marshmellows to one of my PY friends, they asked if it was mana, like the stuff that fell from heaven when the Israelites were in the dessert. i laughed. she said this is what she always pictured!


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