May 6, 2009

A Warmer Night for the Neighbors

After hanging out with the police today (getting some more of our legal papers done at the Comisaria), we finally got the chance to deliver a few more Bibles and ten blankets to neighborhood homes. What a joy to walk WAY back in the woods and share heavy, warm blankets with houses full of little children. We met several families with kids I didn't recognize at all, meaning they probably don't go to school. I couldn't wait to share a few of these pictures with you. Thanks again to those who have made this possible through your donations. I can't tell you how many times you were thanked! We will be purchasing the rest in a few days and passing them out, as well.

I know we're in the third world, but it still surprises me every time I see work done on a typewriter instead of a computer.

Getting ready for the big delivery.

After giving this blind man a blanket, he allowed us to pray with him and read the Bible a bit. Please pray for him, as he has a huge growth on his bottom right jaw. He said he's in pain and can't remember how long it's been there. I spoke with a student nurse who lives nearby, and she said they'd been to see him. She said it's a tumor (or growth) but that his age and health prevent the doctors from removing it.

This lady kept thanking God and saying He'd bless us. It was great to be able to talk a tiny bit with her in Guarani--to understand her blessings and tell her "God bless you, also." The baby in the picture is her 4-month old grandson.

There were more children living here, but the camera scared them away.

As you snuggle in tonight, please pray for those families we've been able to meet and bless as a result of your gifts. I wish you could have seen the smiles on the kids' faces when they realized the blankets were theirs to keep. :) What a day!

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  1. Christie- that is amazing!! What a great idea. Isn't it wonderful to meet more and more people in your community?


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