July 23, 2009

Goodbye, Hello!

It's been a whirlwind of action these last few days. We left home Monday morning, and spent the day enjoying Asuncion and doing more paperwork concerning our residency/visas. Will that ever end? That evening, we took Allisha and Cole to the airport to catch their flight to Lima, Peru. They'll be staying another week there and helping conduct VBS in Lima, then youth camp in Iquitos. This is the first time in four years I haven't been a part of that Peru trip and am a little sad to miss seeing the friends and church family there. Amber, the third member of their team, decided to stay here a little longer. She's been feeling a call into missions since a short-term trip last year, and she's "testing the waters" here in Paraguay. Please pray for direction for her as God works His plan in her life.

So back to the airport...we got them off on their flight, then spent the night with the Mortons in Itaugua. The next day we did MORE paperwork, and were at the same airport at 4:00 PM to pick up the Seneca mission team. We were told that the flight had been delayed, so we hung around a little before hearing it was VERY delayed. We left, came back, and ended up spending half the night in the airport, the other half sleeping in the parking lot, waiting for their plane to land. The weather wasn't cooperating (MAJOR storms including very heavy winds and hail), so the plane was diverted to Ciudad del Este to wait a little. They finally landed around 6 AM the next day.

We drove the two hours back home to find that the storm had knocked out electricity for us and the neighboring towns. Did I mention that it's remarkably cold here right now? Needless to say, we bundled into the covers and slept a BIG nap that day. All but Ken, who drove halfway back to Asuncion to tow our friend's car, which had just ceased to function. I was just glad Ken didn't cease to function!!

We've enjoyed being with the Seneca group, which is painting the Children's Home next door, inside and out. We took Rhonda, a school teacher herself, down to the elementary school to meet the teachers and principal. She found out what sorts of school supplies they use and we went shopping! About thirty minutes ago, the lights came back on, and I ran in here to see what I'd missed in the world of the worldwide web. So for those of you who'd sent emails worried about the arriving team, I'm sorry we didn't get to respond to you. They're all here, though, and in good spirits, despite the delays in their trip. Amber is settling in nicely, Allisha and Cole got off to Peru without a hitch, and we're all a bit cold. Thankfully, we'll be plugging in the little room heaters tonight and enjoy a good night's sleep!


  1. You have been busy! They didn't used to have flights at night in Asuncion, bummer that it turned out for you that way. I hope you get some rest now!

  2. Next time, come to my house! We are only 10 minutes form the airport and have an extra room and two couches!!!!


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