July 2, 2009

Me-oh-my--Pizza Pie!

We celebrated the birthday of our friend Silvia, with a pizza party. She came over with her family and a few grocery bags full of everything we'd need to make 5 of the most delicious homemade pizzas ever! Luckily, Saul's mother taught him to make pizza a few years ago, so he took over. Camille and Caroline watched the whole process in awe (and hopefully remembering the steps to repeat them later), while Silvia made a scrumptious blend of toppings and sauce. I kept pointing out that she shouldn't be cooking on her birthday, but she maintained that in Paraguay, the birthday person prepares a celebration for her friends. I did pitch in a batch of brownies, though, and Caroline hung decorations and balloons throughout the house and porch. What a great evening spent with great friends! (click for pictures)


  1. Sounds like a fab time! PTL for friends!

  2. sounds like fun!! : ) I agree... praise the Lord for friends! Especially on the mission field!

  3. Bro. Saul looks like he knew what he was doing, like he used to work at Pizza Hut or something. Looked like everyone was having a great time...Happy Birthday Silvia!


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