July 28, 2009

Seneca ROCKS!

The Seneca mission team has been such a blessing here. Not only has it been nice to have good ole' Southerners around (no offense, Canadians), but they've worked awfully hard and touched lives here. They spent most of their time painting the Children's Home next door. When I say painting, I mean EVERY ROOM inside, sanding and sealing the bricks outside, and painting the outside stucco walls. Today, they started a "secret project" and painted all the playground equipment in bright primary colors. The children were so excited when they came in from school and saw what had been done.

Some of them were able to walk with us through the neighborhood a few times, and visit the school. Rhonda, a school teacher herself, took a little "tour" of the schoolrooms and went on a shopping spree to make gift bags for each of the four teachers and the school director. The neighbors were all encouraged by their visits and happy with the lollipops. One elderly woman who lives back in the woods behind us told the visiting South Carolinian ladies that there must not be any ugly people where we come from. Aww. We left that statement alone.

Thanks, Seneca, for sharing the goodies and your team with us these past days. They represented you well! (Short post, don't click...)

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  1. I had to laugh at that statement about no ugly people and how you left that statement alone...that was priceless!


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