August 21, 2009

New Classroom Dedicated

The local elementary school we work with has been expanding and improving lately. They received some grants from several charitable foundations and were able to build a MUCH-NEEDED classroom, so that the dilapidated 5th and 6th grade one could be turned into a storage shed.

The day of the dedication was just plain frigid, but thankfully the rain held off. Saul (with a little help from Ken) had been feverishly cleaning and painting the room to get it done in time for the ceremony. I got to choose the color, so I went with a lovely milky light brown, so that it didn't feel so institutional and didn't show the dirt so badly. Colored walls aren't the norm here, but all seemed to approve.

The flag Rhonda donated was whipping in the high winds, and several commented on how beautiful it was. It turns out that the last one was over three years old, as evidenced by the tatters and tears. How wonderful to see the rickety old chairs and desks replaced with new, solid ones. The others were wired together in places, where they'd been nailed and screwed so much that the wood then split and had to be wired. Most of them swayed LOTS when sitting in them, and sometimes they just gave way. I'm so grateful that these students will have one less distraction in their learning environment, not having to worry if they'll fall out of their chairs during the lesson!

Hopefully this school will become something the community will be proud of, and the parents will send their children to it rather than discourage them from at least getting the 6th grade education offered there. (No click)

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