August 17, 2009

Paraguay Prayer Marathon

This past weekend was a nationwide prayer marathon. The plan was for the churches in each town come together on behalf of their country, in an event that was to last 24 hours Friday night and all day Saturday. We participated (for a couple hours at a time) in two different gatherings.

In the first, Ken played the congas while our friend Ruben lead praise and worship songs. There was a planned program for each event, with prayers focusing on leaders in government at every level, families, churches, children, the poor, the economy, etc. The organizing group had printed up a year-long devotional, with a prayer focus and scripture reading each day, so that the prayers on behalf of the nation continue for the next 365 days. Both events we attended were very well organized and it was great to see denominations united in this cause.

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  1. how cool to be able to play the congas!



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