September 22, 2009

A New Radio Show

If you've been reading this blog for any time, you probably already know Saul (pronounced "sah-OOL"). If you've visited here EVER, you definitely already know him. He's that kind of guy. Saul is a little famous around these parts because for several years, he worked at the campground as a community evangelist. This meant he walked all over the woods and hills and dirt roads of Arazaty, making house visits and having services/Bible studies in people's homes. He also drove around selling chickens from his motorcycle, when the camp was operating a sort of mini-farm. So he's well-known, even if folks can't remember his actual name. (My dad called him Raul the whole time he was here. We still call him that sometimes just for fun...)

Anyway, he'd moved back home (over an hour away) until he "heard from the Lord" that He wanted Saul to come help us out. Phwew. What a relief! He, of course, speaks Guarani, and knows the people of this town and the community very well. So when we'd show up to visit and Saul was at our side, this was a sign to them that we were not government spies or humanitarians in search of information for a study about poor people (this came up more than once).

Fast forward to now, and we can't imagine Paraguayan life without him. Poor fella. He stands in as our legal counsel, our translator, our grammar teacher, our cultural and social etiquette advisor, our "don't try to cheat them--you know that's not the normal price you'd charge a local" guy--you name it.

And a few weeks ago, he started a weekly radio program on the local station, every Saturday evening for an hour. He and Adolfo (remember him from a past post) do a little talking in between Christian music aimed at the youth, on a secular station. So not only are they talking about cutting-edge youth topics, but they're taking call-ins (well, text-ins) and exposing the listeners to good music. It also opens the door to advertising events we may be hosting. The past topics have been very informative, and very needed, and the youth are responding well. People have lots of comments and questions, and Saul and Adolfo are giving solid Biblical advice.

Because the station is right here in this town, he's become a little "famous" (although we won't let that go to his head!), and his cell phone is constantly receiving texts. Thank God for the slot that opened up for his show, at a perfect time and an affordable price, and for partners who believe in sponsoring things like this!


  1. What a GREAT opportunity! Thanks for telling us about it! We will be praying it will open other doors for you as well!
    Blessings from Northern Paraguay! :)

  2. WOW! I'm friends with a radio host...a celebrity! lol! Tell him I'm excited for him. Luv you guys! :o)

  3. That's great! Saludos a Saul el famoso de la familia Morton.


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