September 16, 2009

Popcorn for Everyone!

The girls (Amber included) have been quite hospitable and friendly, already meeting a ton of children and youth in our new neighborhood. Ken and I have been working our way around the block, too, and have found the people to be very amicable and welcoming here. There's a group of kids and young teens who gather on our front stoop now in the afternoons, waiting for the girls to finish their schoolwork and chores so they can get a game of soccer going.

Night before last, after the soccer "tournament," as they called it, and a foot race back to our house, about 15-20 of them gathered in the front room (they call it a salon here--like a big room, but don't say SALOON!!) to watch a movie and eat popcorn. Well, that was the premise for getting them inside, but once there, they just chattered and cut up and pulled out the UNO cards. What is it about that game?

We enjoyed having a house full again, and the girls are much more content here now that they're making friends. Amber is meeting with a young lady today, to help her with her English while she helps Amber with Spanish. We've had a few neighbors come by to ask about our "religion," and one who is requesting prayer for her mother, who sounds like she may be dying from Parkinson's-related heart complications. We're glad to know that God goes before us opening doors, and excited about what He has planned for us here.


  1. Kids are such a great way to make connections in the community, aren't they? So glad God is opening some doors for you!

  2. Kids are such a great bridge in to the nieghborhood, sounds like things are going well for you.

  3. There is something about that game called UNO. Kids love it, adults too! Wonder what they would do if you pulled out a game of PIT? You probably couldn't keep them away or get them to go home. It's so refreshing when you don't have to have a hi-tech youth event to reach new youth. Sounds like a Youth Director's dream come true! Kids sitting on the steps, waiting for an opportunity to get involved.

  4. Great stuff - woweee !
    Let us know where to send those Bible boards - Js foot still can't drive.

  5. I am so glad that the girls are making friends and settling in there- the Lord knows His plans for you there!


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