September 11, 2009

Ranting a Little Today

It's a cold rainy day today, so I'm taking this time to catch up on the business side of our life. We had what could be considered a successful visit with a lawyer yesterday, and if all goes well, she will be serving the seller and the original owner of our vehicle with papers that say they MUST come through with our title, or else refund the purchase price plus what we've spent to work on it. My guess is that they'll pay off the liens that supposedly didn't exist, thus freeing our title and putting us in the clear again legally. We'd appreciate any prayer in this area. I don't have much experience with legal conflicts and don't particularly care for that sort of thing. I like it when life flows along at a smooth pace, like a generic episode of Little House on the Prairie. Granted, I don't want to get up at the crack of dawn and milk a cow, but you get it.

We also are working out the details with a bank back home concerning a theft issue, wherein someone stole money from an account we thought we'd closed out about 14 years ago. There's no record of that account even existing, but the thief found it somehow and extracted hundreds of dollars, and we've been wrestling with sorting out the mess from it. Again, where is Laura Ingalls Wilder when you need her?

I would much rather be spending my time (and money) passing out blankets and clothes and planning youth events and talking to people about Jesus and cooking meals for visiting neighbors and just about anything that doesn't involve the stress of what generally happens in a sin-stricken world. What WAS Eve thinking when she took that bite? (Short post, don't click below...)

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  1. Oh man, I'm so sorry you're having to deal with stuff like this! Yes, indeed more evidence of our fallen world... and your awesome chance to be salt and light to those around you!


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