December 14, 2009

Graduation Ceremony

Three young ladies from the local youth group graduated high school this past week. They've been attending public high school in town, but as with practically everything here, their ceremony of graduation took place in the Catholic church. The priest opened, and we had a mini-service before the students received their diplomas, complete with readings and prayers and such. We always stick out like sore thumbs for not reciting the liturgies. I'm still not sure if some of them are in Latin or Spanish.

Graduating is quite an accomplishment for these young ladies, as many of their peers drop out of school opting for employment. Two of these girls live apart from their families, working as housecleaner/nanny while completing their educations. We've found that to be very common. At the age of 13-15, girls are considered ready to work in a home as the live-in maid, which sometimes offers them the opportunity to live closer to town and thus attend school. I somehow can't imagine Camille being away from us every day and night like that, though, and supporting herself through working. I can't really imagine ANY young girl of that age being away from the guidance and direction of her parents, but it happens. As sad as it all seems to us, it sheds light on the need for ministering to the teenagers in this situation. Congratulations to these three who persevered and earned their diplomas!

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  1. My parents had housekeepers/ nannies with us when we were there but I was so young that everyone over 12 seemed like a grown-up to me. I wish I could remeber how old they actually were as a point of reference. There was Marta, Marlene, Erme... They all seemed like such wise adults, but I do remember one always showed up in school uniform pants. Oh how I wish there'd been blogs around when my parents were there so I could look all this up!


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