December 3, 2009

Ladies' Night

The pastor's wife (La Pastora, seen poking her head out from behind the little Abuela in the middle) has started ladies' meetings, with the purpose of uniting us in prayer. These meetings take place twice per month and are community-wide, with new ladies each time. This week I had the privilege of hosting the meeting in our salon (great room). We decorated in the princess theme, since the Pastora has been reminding us that we're daughters of the King. Each lady received a royal scepter so that she could think on this after leaving the event.

The meetings always talk about being a woman of excellence, and this week, the guest speaker elaborated on the first step to becoming such a woman: inner healing. She spoke of past experiences and how she had to allow God access to the private places of her heart, in order to have Him clean those wounds and begin the healing process. All were moved by her talk and challenged to release to God what holds us back from being the woman of excellence He plans for us to be. At the end of the meetings, each lady draws a name from a box and prays for that lady for the next two weeks. At the next meeting, we learn who's been praying for us and what specific things they felt led to pray about.

Many of these ladies work VERY LONG hours each day in difficult conditions, but they were so involved in the discussions that none wanted to leave, even an hour after we'd scheduled to finish. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing, and what a privilege to host it in our home.

(PS-They wanted me to tell you about this and post their picture, so you know that women are the same everywhere--we need God and each other.)


  1. I am so glad you are doing this, Latin women are very strong, but they need a lot of support.

  2. What a nice time for the girls! Tell them we are praying for them! Looking forward to seeing you soon!! :)

  3. Dropping by to wish you a wonderful week in Motherhood and to let you know you've won a copy of We Snap in Silence!


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