December 24, 2009

The Living Manger Scene

I know it's Christmas Eve and most normal folks aren't on their computers, but I just HAD to share this with you! Last night, we attended the live nativity scene at the little chapel a few doors down from our house. It was just BEAUTIFUL!! My favorite part was how the crowd cheered when baby Jesus appeared. Perfect reaction. Forget the formality of the occasion, JESUS IS HERE!

The parents worked hard to get their children ready for this and community folks worked all day at setting up the huge stable. We were a little sad to be missing the traditional "Christmas program" at church this year, so it was thrilling to find this happening on our own street (dirt road). What was even more thrilling was the fact that the Bible nativity story was read by several people and a little talk given about why parents need to take part in their children's spiritual lives. Okay, click below for the video, and pay special attention to the little shepherd that wanted to whack the (live) baby Jesus with his staff.

We hope you got to enjoy something similar to this and were reminded as well, that it's all about Him (not the shepherd with the wayward staff, but Jesus....)


  1. Children are same every where. It was a great re-enactment.Loved it. Merry Christmas Meemaw

  2. Oh wow! I'm cringing from here. It sure looked like baby Jesus was going to take a whack on the head :0( Have a blessed & happy New Years. Love yall, Sarah


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