December 28, 2009

New Year's Eve Plans

This Thursday night, we plan to open our salon (gotta think of a name for the place...any suggestions?) to community youth for a New Year's Eve party. This is, of course, a night traditionally given to much revelry. I visited several friends here Christmas Eve who are well-under age and were already drinking heavily before the night got started, and I hear they're planning a repeat. So we hope to not only provide an alternative to the Christian youth, but something to attract those who might be "otherwise" engaged.

Thank you to those who have been helping out with getting the youth center open. We now have the sound set up, a little spinning disco-style light, and a counter-top area to serve food and drinks from. We plan to have some games, some snacks, lots of Christian music and videos, a karaoke contest, and a whole lot of good, clean fun. So please say a prayer for all to go well in preparing, inviting, and pulling this off, and if you're not busy, swing on by!


  1. That sounds awesome! Great idea to start a new tradition!

    As far as a suggestion for the youth 'salon' the best i could come up with is : Salón La Zona de la Alegría
    hope it helps!


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