May 15, 2010

Birth and Independence

This week we were honored to be a part of the birth of a new little missionary. Our friends, Sara and Shaun Morton from Serving Paraguay (Itaugua) and their little girl Abi, welcomed William Samuel to the world. What a precious little fella he already is, and how thrilling to be a part of his first days "out in the open."

Baby Sammy was born in the capital, so we did a bit of driving the last few days. This weekend is also Paraguay's Independence Day and Mothers Day. The normal traffic light vendors selling fruit, bread, cough drops, cell phone cases, windshield wipers, etc., were replaced by those selling flags, pin-on ribbons in the national colors (red, white, blue), and flowers for Mama. We even caught a guy dressed up in patriotic garb at one redlight, juggling a fiery baton. It made for some interesting car time.

The girls and one of the young ladies from the community sewed patriotic ribbons for the 84 students of the elementary school, which they delivered in time for the children in Arazaty to celebrate Independence Day. Rather than all the fireworks displays we are accustomed to, here there is a morning parade. Each school is represented, with their children marching military-style in their uniforms. Paraguay is almost the underdog of South America, as it's a tiny little country with not much force. But they have survived some horrendous wars from much, much larger opponents, and come through near-annihilation. Their pride and patriotism is not without reason.

So happy birthday Sammy, and happy birthday, Paraguay!


  1. Happy Birthday Sammy! How nice to be a part of that.

    Nice post.

  2. We were so glad to have you guys there! Thanks for everything!


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