May 25, 2010

Ken's Birthday Party (40!)

Ken and Saul took to the kitchen again for a night of homemade pizza for 50 friends and family. We were celebrating Ken's 40th birthday! :) It was a spectacular party, with music, pizza, UNO, cake, and a lot of hanging out.

Ken's family helped me get a photo show together by emailing some pictures of him as a baby/child/teen, which made for a bit of entertainment for our Paraguayan friends. They'd never seen Ken with his fro, or bald, or as "Little Kenny."

When it came time for Ken to blow out the candles, Caroline wanted to play along for his birthday song. Our friend Ceci accompanied her on the guitar, and the guests sang the Spanish version of "Happy Birthday." I shot a quick video (click below to see it) of the song and the guests who happened to be in the salon at the time we sang it. We had a great time celebrating the completion of the first third of Ken's life!

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  1. aw this is awesome! Holy junk, Caroline is ROCKIN' the guitar :)
    Happy birthday Ken!
    The salon looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person! ;)


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