June 29, 2010

Been a While, Huh?

Sorry for the pause in blogger world. We've been a bit under the weather (which, by the way, was quite warm for the winter!) and running around a lot. We've been battling stomach bugs and fevers and hoarse, sore throats, and running around to get Hollie prepared to leave. Caroline and I are spending the day in bed recuperating, so I'm taking this opportunity for a quick update. I hear the soccer game on downstairs, but it doesn't sound like we've scored a goal yet. Uh-oh.

The World Cup games are in full-swing, and we've been showing each Paraguayan game on the big screen. We were in Asuncion running errands (ie-taking Hollie to the zoo and filling Ken's medicine) when the USA played Saturday. It was lunch time, and we were in the food court of the mall. When the game started, the mall man turned up all the tv's in the food court (the world stops for soccer) and everyone turned to start watching. Lo and behold, the national anthem of our beloved country begins, and what's a girl to do? To the horror of my younger, easily embarrassed daughter, our table stands and sings along. Even Milciades, our Paraguayan friend, stood and smiled, even though he didn't know the words. There were random people standing, and I think a few may have been Americans also. Not sure, but it doesn't matter, I explained to the blushing daughter reluctantly standing beside me. This is what we do when the national anthem is played, no matter where we are. "...and the home of the brave," followed by our clapping and cheers. It was a great moment of patriotism, which is much more alive in Paraguay than it is in our own country, unfortunately. I began a rant on how it's become politically incorrect in the United States to love your own country, because we're taught a WORLD VIEW at the expense of pride in our heritage, our history. It's a concept hard to understand for South Americans, who have a fierce loyalty for their home country and a strong national identity. It's a sad realization that I understood a bit living in the US, but even more now on the outside looking in. But you didn't come here to read my political views....

Heather and Hollie, the SuperInterns, are heading back home tomorrow. We had a going-away party for Hollie here this past Friday night, and Heather came from her post in Itaugua to share in the fun. They will be living in Tennessee again two days from now, and we'll be learning to use the camera again because our personal paparazzi has gone home. :)

A few pictures from the last week to let you in on the fun:

Oscar accompanied us to Bible class at the elementary school, and taught some songs to the kids. He's up front holding a guitar, beside Saul who is in front of the chalkboard with his arms spread. (They were singing, "God's love is so wide that I can't get outside of it...")

This little guy was so serious when we were closing the class in prayer. He repeated every phrase with his eyes closed tightly, and making little fists like a preacher does.

Lowering the flag when the school day was done

Face painting while we watched the game

These fellas brought Hollie a flag for her going away present.

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