June 14, 2010

Weekend Report

We're so glad to have rounded the corner on the cold/flu hit last week, because this weekend was jam-packed with lots of great activities. Friday we enjoyed the day at the school, having Bible classes and playing soccer with the kids. That evening, our pals from Itaugua came over and one car was full of youth from their neck of the woods. We had 38 in total for our Friday night youth club, which included a movie, an UNO tournament, and an acoustic sing-along. Ken's Saturday morning pancakes have become famous now, so we had one who slept over for the pancake breakfast the next morning.

Saturday evening we attended a youth event in the nearby town, Acahay, hosted by a group that includes a couple of our "regulars" in the youth club. Several Christian musical groups performed, as well as some drama teams and an evangelist. It was great fun not only to participate, but to see these kids we consider family, taking leadership roles, performing on stage, and fulfilling the Great Commission in their own way. Thank God for growth!

Sunday, the Hora Feliz was loads of fun, as always. The young ladies' Bible study group afterward finished the "Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free" book by going over the key scriptures that combat the lies of the enemy in our lives. We had one brand new gal today, so it was a good time to review. All took home a bookmark with the lies and their corresponding scriptures. Phwew! Now we're going to take a deep breath before Paraguay plays in the World Cup tomorrow, in South Africa. No, we aren't heading there, but we'll be opening the doors and showing it on the big screen, with popcorn and juice. Hope your weekend was equally fulfilling!

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