August 11, 2010

What a View!

This past Saturday afternoon, we decided to take advantage of a few open hours and the rare warm sunshine, and head out for some sightseeing. We pass a rocky hill in a town about an hour from here, every time we pass through on the way to Asuncion. We've said a million times that one day we'd like to hike to the top, and this Saturday seemed just as good a day as any.

Paraguay's interior is mostly open flat land, but there are occasional hills that can be seen for miles and miles around (kilometers and kilometers, here). They are actually very old volcanoes that no longer erupt (thank you, God!), we hear. These are a bit sporadic, with just random hills sprinkled here and there across the landscape. It seems that every other town has a hill big enough to climb.

This one in particular is in Yaguaron, which means big dog in Guarani. The top has a large white cross and a little chapel. Our goal was to climb to the cross and have a little devotional time. The views were spectacular, and I always think it's just easier to pray outside, especially on a breezy hill. I particularly enjoyed the time with the family and the Lord on this sunny Saturday.

(If you're reading this from blogger, click below for lots more pictures.)

The hills are mostly rocks.

"Well, let's get started!"

Ken and Caroline feel like they're on top of the world!

We rounded one corner, and there was a random cow in the bushes. Kinda like when Abraham found the ram in the thicket atop Mt. Moriah, except we decided not to burn this guy.

I wasn't as unhappy as it seemed...the sun was in my eyes. :)

We finally made it to the top and found the cross. A perfect spot to rest....


  1. Hello all I just saw your comment on my blog. It is funny we haven't bumped into each other, I don't really know the names of all the barrios, where is barrio san jose? I'm by la escuela Nicaragua.
    Looks like fun hiking up that cerro, i've been talking about doing it too! I'll deff keep an eye out for ya!


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