December 7, 2010

Rainy Days

Today we made the trek into Asuncion. It seemed every person in Paraguay was also there, in preparation for the national holiday tomorrow. It's the day most Paraguayans make their yearly pilgrimage to the town of Caacupe to honor Mary, mother of Jesus. So not only were folks running around doing all their business, but some had begun walking the pilgrimage (over 50 kilometers, usually a full day's walk).

We went to have the preliminary bloodwork done before Ken's upcoming trip to the hospital, and to get the logistics in order surrounding all that. You know, fun stuff like visiting the insurance company, making doctor's appointments, all that jazz.

I had the privilege, however, of taking part in the monthly ladies Bible study. I haven't been to one of these in over a year, so it was great to see old faces and meet new folks. Since we're this close to Christmas, everyone brought baked goods to share--see the goodies in the picture above? I really enjoyed spending a couple hours this morning with fellow missionary gals, praying for our ministries and families and digging into God's Word. The verse that stood out to me was Luke 1:30, where the angel tells Mary for the second time that she's found favor with God. He says this just before explaining to her what freaky things are fixing to happen in her world, and I think it may be to point out to her that these seemingly negative things are really positive, and that God has chosen her to walk through them because he FAVORS her. I think I'll remember that the next time I'm complaining about what I have to walk through.

I also got to drive today, something that I normally am prohibited from, due to the craziness of the cars, buses, and motorcycles in Asuncion. Ken was really wiped out, though, so he handed me the wheel just in time for a huge thunderstorm. I navigated the rain and winds just fine, whipping around traffic just like he does (okay, not quite that bad), and elevating me to "capable" status in his eyes... something that is very important since he'll have to trust me to drive him home from the hospital!

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  1. Wow--I'm impressed that you're driving! Yes, you'll need the practice, so I'll pray for you as you continue to drive. Soon you'll be just one of the "normal crazy drivers!" :) We're certainly praying for Ken and his doctors too. Glad you had fun with the ladies! Looks like a great bunch!


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