December 14, 2010

Surgery Day

We are counting down the hours and doing well. This morning I gave blood, and as I was saying on facebook, I was very glad they didn't ask me about chocolate! The form had all the usual questions plus a few I'd never read before, that must pertain to folks who live an entirely different lifestyle.... Let's leave it at that.

Ken breezed through the cardiac catheterization yesterday morning. In the middle of it, the doctor invited me in to see the aorta and the valve. I have to tell you that I didn't really know what I was seeing on the screen, but I was fascinated that he let me watch while he wiggled that little wire around inside my man's heart. The final result was that yes, the valve is as they suspected, but the aorta is still small enough that they feel it will shrink back down to the normal size in time, as should the rest of the heart that is enlarged.

So all are optimistic, we are feeling all your prayers. We really appreciate the encouragement you've sent us through text messages, facebook comments, emails, calls, and little notes. It means more than I can explain right now, but I want you to know that they work, and that we are very peaceful about the surgery.

I'm still holding out hope that they'll let me be with him in ICU the next two days, as there was a sign in the waiting room to that effect. It basically said that there were a few exceptions to the isolation rule, such as someone on his death bed, an elderly person who may become upset at being alone, someone who was confused (dementia). I've been asking everyone I could if I could be there based on Spanish not being our primary language, and the difficulty for him to think clearly enough when he's under the heavy influence of drugs. I told Ken it would really help if he'd give a confused look every now and then or stumble over his words some, but he is in one of those Spanish highs right now and communicates very well. :)

We've reflected so many times these last couple of days of God's providence, and how miraculous it is that the heavy exercise, the heat of Paraguay, and the weightlifting that Ken was doing didn't cause a heart attack. And how the heart condition had raised his blood pressure abnormally high, to the level that he could easily have had a stroke. We really have no way of knowing how long he walked around like that, and many of the symptoms we now know are heart things, we were probably blaming on the change of climate in moving here. God is so faithful, and His hand has been on us. We sure don't take it lightly. We don't deserve His goodness, but we're glad to receive it. I honestly don't know how folks who don't walk with Him, get through the day without knowing He is in control.

Again, thanks for the prayers. We have two hours to go, so my next news will be from the other side of this.


  1. we're praying! are you in ASU? we're in ASU this week....if you need ANYTHING at all call us....0984700546.

  2. Praying for you guys. Looking forward to hearing good results.


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