January 26, 2011

Check Out This Trophy!

This is Ken with our friend, Atilio, who lives here in Carapegua. We met him and his family when I started teaching English to his wife and her sister last year. Since then, we've become great friends. They treat us like family and we've shared some really fun times together.

Atilio is a dentist by day, but in his spare time he races his 4-wheeler. He won this particular trophy while Ken was in for his heart surgery, so he dedicated the win to Ken and posted a lovely photo to that effect on facebook. When we arrived back in Carapegua, they came by to drop off some pizzas for us (the equivalent of taking by a casserole when someone's been sick). They were surprised to see Ken up and moving around, so they stuck around and visited for a while, much to our delight. Well, while we were digging into the pizza, Atilio pulled out the trophy and presented it to Ken. We weren't expecting that. Sweet gesture, huh? It now occupies a spot near our table, and Ken shows it to all who come by.

We also had various folks drop by for Camille's birthday, and to see if Ken really is alive and kicking. Everyone's surprised to see how well he's getting around. Except for having to be careful about lifting/pushing/pulling, and not overdoing it in the heat, he looks very "normal". His color is back and he's able to walk around, get up and down, and even handle the stairs. He has to retire to his chair periodically, but last night, we walked to the plaza and visited with neighbors a bit. We thank the Lord for His hand on our family and for sending us friends here in Paraguay, and really appreciate the relationships we've been blessed with.


  1. That is such a sweet thing to do. Great to see Ken ! You are great testimonies to Gods amazing faithfulness. Fuerza y animo !

  2. That is so touching and it really speaks to the types of relationships you guys have been able to build there. May Christ continue to shine through you and may many be brought to Him through your ministry!

  3. Praying for you and believing that you will find the vehicle at just the right price.


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