May 18, 2011

New Interns from Lee University

The house next door is now full of girls, much to the delight of Camille and Caroline. Three young ladies from the Intercultural Studies department of Lee University arrived last week, and will be working at Hogar Ganar until mid-July. Audra, Erica, and Letitia will be doing hands-on projects in the houses, English classes for the community, Saturday children's programs, and much more. For now they are getting to know the children living in the three homes of Hogar Ganar, and becoming accustomed to the language, food, and climate.

We have enjoyed hearing about missions from their "university" standpoint, and also hearing about the latest things happening in the US. They are all excited to be here and have big plans to reach out to the folks living here. They've already been a blessing to us, from teaching my girls how to crochet to sharing books with us. Just this week they began the English classes, with 12 students the first night, and with Camille and Caroline are their official translators. As quickly as the Lee gals are catching on, though, I'm guessing they won't need translators for long.


  1. What a great looking group of young ladies. I'm sure everyone will enjoy having visitors. Have fun.Meemaw

  2. What a blessing and what fun too! We'll be praying for these girls--not only to bless, but to BE blessed! :)


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