August 5, 2011

Truth and Lies

Today we started a weekly class for 7th and 8th graders at the school here on the property, about living a life of integrity.  For this first class, Saul taught an introduction to all the students together, sixteen of them in all.  Beginning next week we will split into guys' and girls' groups and dive in a little deeper.  

I'll be teaching from the book, Lies Young Women Believe and the Truth that Sets Them Free, which tackles some of the tough issues girls deal with, and how the truth in God's Word counteracts these lies.  We did this same book study with an older group in Carapegua, and they responded well.  I'm excited about the ages of the girls involved this time, anxious to see what God has in mind for them.

The boys will be studying Winning in the Land of Giants at the same time, but they won't be enjoying the frilly decorations and yummy chocolate brownies that we'll spoil the girls with.  They seem just fine with that... :)

The school these students attend is operated by Serving Paraguay, so it's right here on the grounds of Hogar Ganar.  These young people are already having God's truth poured into them in various ways, so we're thrilled to be adding one more dose of it.  Please pray for the students involved in this study, that the light of the TRUTH can help them dispel the lies they hear in society, from others, and in their own minds.  

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