September 6, 2011

Reaching Out

Today I had the privilege to attend the missionary ladies' Bible study in Asuncion.  They meet once per month but it hardly ever works out that I'm in town on the right day.  What a wonderful time I had with these women of faith!  The topic was Crises of Faith, and we talked about how every Christian at one time or another will question God, question what he knows about God, question whether God can be trusted, question whether He will do what He says--you get it.

We read what David and Job had to say, and we identified with how God came through for them. It refreshed me so much to sit in a group of ladies that openly shared their times of struggle and doubt, and I felt renewed by their encouragement and understanding.  I'm aware that there are a lot of women in ministry who don't have an outlet, a place where they can feel safe to confess what they're going through.  How thankful I am that God made a place like that for me today!

Let me encourage you to reach out to your pastor's wife, your youth pastor's wife, your local televangelist's wife, whatever leader you find that may not have a person they can truly be real with.  Okay, if you're a man, find a male leader and don't be reaching out for ANYBODY'S wife... ;)  I remember a time that I was in a fix and really needed a friend, and I felt I couldn't talk to anyone or admit what was happening because we were youth pastors.  We shouldn't struggle, right?  Well, we all do.  Thank God I had good girlfriends to turn to and lighten the load.  I'm betting you could be that friend to some leader you know.  Give it a shot....

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