October 7, 2011

Agroshopping in Asuncion

One of the benefits of living in a subtropical country is that the fruits and vegetables are just amazing.  Not only are there varieties that seem like something from a cartoon, but lots of times they are foods we recognize that seem to have come from Jurassic Park--supersized!

When all is well in the world, my appointments line up on Tuesdays in the busy capital, Asuncion.  Why Tuesdays?  That's the day each week that the ground floor in a busy parking garage converts into the greatest farmer's market known to man.  Well, at least it's the greatest farmer's market known to Paraguay.

purple onions
German cattle ranchers come in from the north with beef sausage, goat farmers come down from the Chaco with cheese and meat, little old ladies come in from their personal gardens with medicinal herbs and flowers, Oriental folks come over from their colonies with egg rolls and tea, and every empty space between these specialty stands is filled with those fruits and veggies I told you about. There are a few personal favorites among the sellers, namely the homemade doughnut place and the fresh fruit juice stand.  Okay, and Ken's fave is that German guy. It's an amazing event, with hard-to-find items and lots of excitement.

 In the aisles are teenagers with aprons and large baskets, standing at the ready for all the buyers who can't carry what they're purchasing.  These guys will follow you from stand to stand, collecting your goodies and then taking them to your car when you're done.  Like your own personal bag boy, following you as you walk around.  This kinda creeps me out, but thankfully, I have three personal bag people who can carry what we find.

Swing by on a Tuesday and we'll head to Mariscal Lopez Shopping Center for Agroshopping, then have a massive salad back at my place!

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  1. Sounds delicious! So when are we going? ;)


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