November 22, 2011

I Am Ken, Mission Ken

My fella penned a Dr. Seuss knock-off that jabs a little at our tendency to hang on to what we've got, rather than sharing the love.  I'm going to paste it below, but if you'd like to hear him read it aloud, click over to this link and find it on his personal blog.  Hope you enjoy it.  (PS--If you do, skip over there to his blog, scroll to the bottom, and leave him a comment... he gets all hyped up about comments!)  He calls this little ditty "Folks With Sin".

I am Ken, Mission Ken.                                      
Mission Ken.  Mission Ken!
He is my friend that Mission Ken.
Do you like the folks with sin?
I do not like them, Mission Ken.
I do not like the folks with sin.
Would you like them here or there?
I would not like them here or there.
I would not like them anywhere.
I do not like the folks with sin.
I do not like them, Mission Ken.
Why don’t you like the folks with sin?            
Why don’t I like them? asks my friend.
The folks with sin, they sit in bars.
They drink their drinks, they drown their scars.
They cut their arms and hide their shame.
To be with them would soil my fame.
To talk to those who sit in bars,
My friends will think I’ve gone too far.
Would you bring them to your house?
To eat a meal and meet your spouse?
Not for a meal. Not in my house.
The risks are real for my spouse.
I would not meet them in a bar.
I would not bandage up their scars.
I would not risk the folks with sin.
I do not like them, Mission Ken.
Would you? Could you… meet their need?
Give them hope, help them be freed.
I would not, could not. They’re such a drain.
Always a bore and steeped in pain.
You may like them. Try, you’ll see.
You may like them.  Come with me?
I would not, could not go with you.
I have a life and stuff to do.
I do not like to see their pain.
I do not waste my time in vain.
I do not want them in my house.
I do not want them near my spouse.
I do not want friends of this sort.
I do not like to go to court.
I have a life and stuff to do.
I don’t have time to go with you.
A bench! A bench! A bench! A bench!
Would you meet one on a bench?
Not on a bench to make a scene!
To smell their stench of nicotine!
I would not, could not make a show.
Not in a place my friends would go.
I will not go and smell their stink.
What would all my church friends think?
I cannot ease their life of woe.
I am not God, just human so
I do not like the folks with sin.
I do not like them, Mission Ken.
Say! In the dark? Here in the dark!
Would you, could you, in the dark?
I would not, could not, in the dark.
Nor on a bench in a public park.
Would you, could you, in the rain?
I would not, could not in the rain.
Nor the musty hollow of a drain.
Not in a box beneath a bridge.
Not chains that lock at Prison Ridge.
Not in a bar, a park or club.
Not in my house, a car or pub.
I think to waste my precious time
on folks with sin would be a crime.
I do not like this lowly fare.
I do not like them anywhere.
Could you help them stay afloat?
Some of their burdens you could tote.
Those burdens are their own to reap.
They are the goats!  I am a sheep.
I can’t do what you talk about,
for in my church I have some clout.
The pastor there has given me
pats on the back and my own key.
If I wish to be on staff,
I can’t be seen with such riff-raff.
What would Jesus think today
if He saw you choose this path, this way?
Ignoring all the cries, would HE
condone your lazy apathy?
Jesus was a righteous lot,
A man whom sin would never spot.
He was without a blemish, Ken.
He was not like the folks with sin.
But Jesus loves the folks with sin.
He came to make them like His kin.
He came to meet their every need,
Die on a cross so they’d be freed.
When Jesus sees the folks with sin,
Nothing differs in you and them.
We all have sin, we all fall short.
Our hearts are black, we’re all the sort.
He came to cleanse us from this state
So that we would not medicate
Or drown or hide or cover or binge
Or be depressed or seek revenge
We’re not the same the two of us.
I do not drink or smoke or cuss.
I do not steal for my addiction.
I do not rage from this affliction.
Your sins are varied, it’s to be sure.
You think your life is wholly pure.
But gluttony, gossip and closet porn
are in your life. Your family’s torn.
Your hidden scheme, your hidden affair
Pull at your seams, fill you with care.
Look up, let go, let Jesus win.
He’ll free your soul. He’ll take your sin.
He’ll cut the chains that tie you down.
He’ll end the pain that makes you frown
Jesus Christ,
Righteous One
You truly are
God, The Son.
Make me whole.
Wash my heart.
Here’s my soul.
Let me restart.
You can! You will! he says with a grin.
I’ll take your heart. I’ll take your sin.
I’ll take this chance, tell you my plan.
Carry my tale wherever you can.
You’ve given your life and heart to me, Sam.
The people will see you just as I am.
Look in the mirror and see where you’ve been.You’ll recognize YOU’RE the folks with the sin.


  1. Awesome. Hm. Maybe he should check out

  2. I like your story. It takes great effort, in my opinion, to follow Seuss' way of telling a story, but you did it. It was definitely a thought provoker.

    A. Donna


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