December 1, 2011

Caroline's 13th Birthday

December 1 marked thirteen years since our Little Song of Joy came into this world, although not quite kicking and screaming.  Her birth was a bit eventful, maybe even "emergency"-like, and she's been taking the world by storm since then.  Caroline is always a bit dramatic, always the clown in the room, the life of the party.  She tends to be a little shy on unfamiliar ground, but that doesn't last long before she's taking over. It's exciting to watch God work in her life, and to see her let Him mold her into the young lady He's designed.

We held off on letting Caroline get a facebook account until this birthday, and it's been the highlight of all of 2011.  There's been a countdown in the works of how many days left till she can open her own page.  No, not how many days until she's a teenager, or how many days until she eats American cake and icing (that was MY highlight of the day), but how many days until she can connect via the world's most popular social media outlet.  She was really surprised when we handed her the little package with the necklace we'd made her, and told us she'd thought facebook WAS her gift.  :)  So, yeah, she's on there connecting with old friends, with family back home, and with her buddies from here.  Go look her up if you get the notion.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAROLINE!!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU ARE 13!!!! My us old people are getting older...I hope you have a wonderful day honey...You are such a beautiful TEEN now..Your Mom and Day are going to have to beat the young men Hugs and Love..Martha...

  2. Hey beauty queen-I love the necklace!!! You look so pretty in the picture. G.T. says you must come to live with us quickly, before the boys see you!! Love you, Nana

  3. Haha thats so funny a/b wanting a FB acct for her is a blessing though to be able to reconnect and stay connected with friends and family, so that is great that she can do that now! Happy Birthday! (b-lated) She's such a beautiful young lady!


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