January 7, 2012

"Your" Iniciative

Earlier this month, we had the privilege of participating in something the local church organized--an event called Your Initiative.  In Spanish, they made a clever play on words that actually meant Your Initiative as well as Initiative You and Me.  The point was Paraguayans reaching out to other Paraguayans, their neighbors.  For the past couple of months, the youth leader Guillermo has been asking for donations from those who attend the church, and from various people in the community.  Then lots of people came together this scorching Saturday to hand out clothes, toys, baby supplies, food, and smiles to a needy neighborhood where a new work is beginning.

The children are invited back to participate in weekly Bible studies ("Sunday School" on a different day of the week, basically), and eventually the plan is to have a soup kitchen operating there.  Some old friends of ours from Carapegua are heading up this new work, and our prayers are with them as they get it going.

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